Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Tonight, at bedtime, after all the fuss and all the wringing of hands and stomping of feet, I experienced the proudest moment, to-date, of my fatherhood.

My son (six and 3/4 years old) was finally in bed when he called his mom for something and since I was there I opened the door. He wanted one of his pillows, which was down stairs.

He was sitting on his bed, next to the window, with the blinds open, in the fading light, marking his place in the Harry Potter 1 book, and wanted the pillow to prop himself up just a bit more so he could read until the light had died completely.

I learned to read before we had any electricity at home and put myself to bed reading with a kerosene lantern (or a dieing flashlight when everyone else wanted to sleep) and have the sharpest vision (20/15 on the Snellen scale) of anyone I know. Yes, I know that a "statistic" of one is completely unscientific, but I have no concerns for his eyesight.

I gave up on the HP books after the third one because the story was boring and repetitive. I hear that it gets better later, but...meh. I have so many other things to read and I'm just not that interested. However, just about anything dear son wants to read is fine with me. He wants to read HP1, he reads HP1. He wants to read it in the faintest light, he reads it in the faintest light.


Grumpator said...

I used to (and still do until Chris reminds me to turn on a light) read in low light. I wish I could say that I have great vision, but my poor eyesight is more a result of genetics than reading.

Go Garion!

Glarry said...

Yea Garion!! We had so much fun discussing the Harry Potter characters today on the way to the movie. He comes by that flashlight reading honestly. My first reading by flashlight under the covers were Cherry Aimes, Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys.

Debbie said...

O.K. I hit the wrong thing....glarry is me...what can I say? Just keep laughing at your MIL.