Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Swiss to the Alps: Resistance is Futile.

World record on the Gotthard: The longest railway tunnel in the world has become a reality. On 15 October 2010 in the east tunnel, 30-km from the north portal and 27-km from the south portal, the final breakthrough of the Gotthard took place. At about 14:30, the tunnel boring machine, drilling from Faido, broke through the last metre of rock on the route to Sedrun.
The tunnel breakthrough was highly accurate. At 8 cm horizontally and 1 cm vertically, the deviation was very small. [My emphasis].

The Swiss just finished drilling a 57-km long tunnel through the Alps, and were off their target by 8 cm!  3 inches!  After drilling through 30-km of rock, they missed their target by about the width of your hand.