Friday, May 15, 2009

Paper Money

This is a rant.

The conversation went something like this:

Son: "Dad, we should stop buying things because they cut down trees to make money."

Dad (thinking): "Damn straight. We should stop buying things for that and many, many other reasons."

Dad (saying): "Well, we usually spend money through computers, so we don't use very much paper money. But, you're right, we should not buy as much as we do."

The point is that my six-year-old son is more concerned about the future of his planet that the morons who are ruining it. And, while I usually directly relate childishness with big businesses and their cronies in DC, this time it seems even a child has more forethought. "Go shopping" indeed.

So, now that we allowed eight years of obstructionism by the big energy lobby and short-sightedness by the rest of the Senate during Clinton's administration and eight years of head-in-the-sand myopia by the Bush administration, we've got less than ten years to decrease our CO2 production by 80%. Ten years, and we haven't even begun to agree on its necessity.

"I'm sorry, son. We thought it was more important that people be able to continue shopping like they always have."

I want to end this post on a higher note, so I'm linking to a blogger who is doing her little bit by writing to her congresscritters.


Kerry said...

That's a great letter, and I whole-heartedly agree with everything the poster said. I just can't help feeling that it's like passionately beating your head a wall. If we keep beating will somebody in charge finally start to pay attention?

Grumpator said...

I totally agree with everything you said, but just wanted to point out that, while the exact composition of U.S. bills are a secret, they are not made of wood pulp but of cotton and linen rag. This really isn't relevant to the conversation, I know, but paper doesn't have to be un-sustainable.

debbie said...

I didn't know that about money being made out of cotton and linen rag. I find out about the most interesting things reading this blog. And yes I think my grandson has excellent insight even if he does want us to buy something for him the next time we go to the store.

Grumpator said...

Well, and unfortunately, the US mints don't recycle bills when they are taken out of circulation, they shred them and sell some off as souvenirs. It would be cool if they recycled them, though, don't you think?